The Adventures of Speedy the African Land Snail

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The Adventures of Speedy the African Land Snail

Half Term Holiday for Speedy

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Getting ready…

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Speedy has packed his bags after a fun week at his holiday home. He’s very excited to be coming back to school tomorrow as he’s missed all his friends from oak class

See you soon

Love Speedy xx


Sneaky Speedy!

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Speedy keeps getting up and eating while we are not looking. We have just caught him on his way back to bed.

Sneaky, sneaky Speedy.






Today the little girl looking after Speedy has been to  Wheelgate Park and spotted a whole tank full of speedy’s!!

How many can you count in the tank?


Speedy and Theo

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IMG_2947   IMG_2948

Speedy has had another lazy day, I think he knows that he on his holidays like all the children. He did wake up when he was introduced to Theo our pet tortoise. Do you have any pets? What pets do you have?


Speedy is now having a good climb around his tank!


Speedy is worn out!!

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photo-24Sleepy Snail

Today Speedy has had a very lazy day. He has stayed in bed all day long, buried beneath the compost. We think we might have worn him out yesterday playing so much!!

What do you think? Can you spot Speedy?


New Friends

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Today Speedy has been very busy making new friends. This week he is living with a member of our class who’s mummy is a childminder. There are lots of children enjoying spending time with Speedy. I’m sure Speedy is having a great time having cuddles with all the children.
photo-23 photo-21 photo-22

This little girl looking after Speedy even manage to create snails out of play dough today!! Amazing!



Valentine’s Day from Speedy

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Happy Valentine’s Day


love from

Speedy 🐌


Welcome to the Adventures of Speedy the African Land Snail

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The new addition to our class is out on an adventure whilst we are on holiday. Speedy has gone home with a member of our class. I wonder what Speedy is up to?